Spotify VS Deezer | Better Pick Is?

Pick your cure. Music is like a soothing therapy for a lot of us. For a lot of people, good music acts like a mood changer. If you are one of them it’s time to pick your cure with us. This time we came up with Spotify Vs Deezer. Both of these music streaming platforms have been gaining a lot of attention from listeners.

Each of them has unique features that make them stand out in the music streaming industry. Spotify and Deezer have come up to this prominence with a lot of effort and satisfying their user’s wishes. We compare famous artists from each other but what about the music streaming platform you use to listen to their tracks?

Deezer Vs Spotify

Spotify and Deezer are famous music streaming services, but the real question is which one is better. Now that’s a tough call to make. Let’s have a tough comparison between Spotify and Deezer, the two leading streaming platforms.

Spotify Vs Deezer: A Detailed Comparision

If you are looking for a new music streaming service then Spotify is the kind of the industry. But Deezer is nothing less. With new additional features, it’s gaining popularity lately. Both of these music streaming services are amazing with slight differences.

The main difference would be that Spotify is quite popular compared to Deezer. If you are planning to give a chance to any one of them, then let’s have a showdown.

1. A Look At The Pricing & Plans

If you want to select a particular music streaming service then what’s better than taking a look at its pricing and plans? Spotify and Deezer have their pricing and features. Both of these services have somewhat similar pricing and plans. With Spotify Premium:

  1. You will be able to download music and listen to it offline.
  2. A chance of unlimited skips.
  3. Ad-free music experience without any interruptions.
  4. Spotify Premium offers high-quality audio.
  5. Spotify offers multiple Premium plans according to the listener’s preferences. The plans follow:
  • Premium Individual: $9.99 per month

Premium individual users can listen to unlimited music without any interruptions.

Users can shuffle music and skip without any limits.

Will be able to download music and listen to it offline.

  • Premium Duo: $12.99 per month

Premium Duo offers two separate accounts for premium users.

Users can listen to music ad-free.

The duo can download music and listen to it offline without an internet connection.

Users will get a new feature of the duo mix where a personalized playlist is curated for both members.

  • Premium Family: $15.99 per month

The premium family gives access to around 6 premium accounts.

Just like Duo mix there’s a Family mix for each member of the family.

Features like unlimited skip, unlimited music download, ad-free listening, and more.

Members can even block explicit music from their accounts.

  • Premium Student: $4.99 per month

Spotify also offers a student discount of around 50% to all students up to 4 years. You need to prove that you are a student through verification. Then you can take advantage of all the perks.

If there’s a kid in the family Premium Family has ‘Spotify Kids’ for kids under 12. Deezer also has a free basic plan for users with multiple drawbacks. The free basic plan comes with ad-supported listening that might interrupt and sometimes annoy the listeners. The quality of the audio in a basic plan is also around 128Kbps.

Spotify Plans

But with Deezer Premium users can take advantage of multiple advanced features like ad-free listening, offline music, and more. The Deezer Premium plans follow:

  • Deezer Premium: $9.99 per month for three months, or $10.99 per month.

The features include ad-free listening.

You can download an unlimited number of songs and listen to them offline.

You can listen to high-quality audio.

Deezer Premium also offers personalized recommendations to its users.

  • Deezer Family: $17.99 per month

Up to 6 members can use the account.

The content is also curated for kids.

Plus all the additional features like Deezer Premium.

  • Deezer Student: $5.99 per month

You will get your hands on the same features as Deezer Premium.

  • Deezer HiFi: $19.99 per month

With this amazing addition of HiFi on Deezer, you can take advantage of the HiFi room and access high-fidelity sound.

Deezer Plans

The team of Deezer said in a statement, “We always listen to our customer feedback and continue innovating our service. We know that a growing number of fans truly appreciate the incredible sound and want to share this experience with their whole family. Our new subscription plan now means the entire household can enjoy supreme high-fidelity music.”

2. Which Music Streaming Service Offers Better Audio Quality?

If you are the one that needs to listen to your music in high quality then it might be a great deal for you. Both of the music streaming platforms offer high-quality audio to their users. Spotify offers Low(24Kbps), Normal (96Kbps), High (160Kbps), and Very High (360Kbps) to its users. You can adjust accordingly.

If you use low audio quality then you will probably save on your data too. And if you use high-quality audio then you will have the best experience listening to your favorite tracks via headphones.

Deezer also offers high-quality audio to its users. It follows Low (64Kbps), Normal (128Kbps), High (320Kbps), Very High (N/A), and HiFi (1,411Kbps). If you are wondering about buffers then both of the applications play music buffer-free for their users. Initially, it depends upon your internet connection too. But while you use Deezer HiFi you need a better internet connection or else your music will be laggy.

Spotify Vs Deezer Comparison

3. Which Music Streaming Service Has A Larger Content Library?

If we are talking about the content library then we can say that both of these platforms have millions of tracks available from all over the world. They have the best music with amazing quality. But still, there’s a slight difference between the two. Spotify being popular a lot of new artists are going for it for their new singles.

Spotify and Deezer both have personalized features called Spotify Singles and Deezer Originals. If you love listening to podcasts then Spotify is your best option. Deezer is also adding and making its podcast category massive.

But you will find a large pool of podcasts available on Spotify with exclusive deals. There’s not much difference between the two in this category, but because of large the availability of podcasts, we believe that Spotify wins this round.

4. How Much Do They Pay Artists?

Well, if you are joining a music streaming service to stream your tracks then the royalties given to artists will be important. According to our sources, Spotify gives approximately 70% revenue to its artists. The revenue is calculated based on ‘Streamshare’.

A lot of websites claim that Spotify is paying around $0.0033 – $0.0055 per stream. But that is also calculated based on the location of the artist, the location of the listeners, the contract with the distributors, and more. On the other hand, Deezer is almost paying double compared to Spotify. Deezer offers its artists around $0.0064 per stream.

It’s challenging to figure out the exact royalties you will receive in the case of Spotify. Spotify is also known to be one of the music streaming services paying less compared to others to its artists. You need a massive amount of streams to earn average monthly royalties on Spotify. Once you have a nice community then it would be easier to get your music noticed. Deezer is offering a really good royalty.


People prefer Spotify because it’s almost available everywhere. And Deezer is limited to certain regions making it impossible to access. If you have Deezer available in your region then it’s worth giving a shot. But if you like Spotify better and want to engage with the community globally then this is the ideal option.

You can go for Deezer for better audio quality and select Spotify if you want a larger music library. Though there’s not much difference between Spotify and Deezer. In the end, it depends upon you and your preferences. But you are welcome to ask us anything regarding the two music streaming services in the comment section below.

We hope you found this comparison helpful to make a decision. You can stay tuned with us for more comparison series like this in the future. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a really good time!

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