Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? (FIXED)

Get on your feet it’s time to show grooves on your favorite tunes! But wait you aren’t able to do that because your Spotify keeps pausing. And we have one of the major concerns why does your Spotify keep pausing? Well, for that there could be several reasons.

It’s probably your phone or the application itself. But it’s nothing that can’t be resolved. We know it’s pretty frustrating when you are listening to your favorite track and on your most awaited lyrics your Spotify application crashes. If you tried a bunch of methods to try to fix this annoying issue then we have more for you.

Spotify Pausing Issue

These methods to resolve your Spotify pausing issue is proven and tested by our team. Even we faced this same problem and thought of coming up with a great idea to write about it now. And if you are too frustrated that you are considering switching to another music streaming application then let us take a pause.

Why Does Spotify Keep Pausing? Let’s Fix The Issue

You could try the methods that we have mentioned below to fix your Spotify pausing/crashing issue. We came up with around 10 different methods to try because anything can work for you. Several Spotify users found these methods simple, and they were able to enjoy and sing along to their curated playlists once again. Now it’s your chance to get back on the application and try these easiest methods.

1. Restart Your Spotify Application 

One thing that all of us do first is restart our applications if we are facing any glitches. Just go back and restart your Spotify application. Give it a little break of two to three minutes before using the application once again. Your Spotify glitch might be happening because of overloaded RAM or an overused CPU. And restating it might fix the issue.

Just reopen your application after a while and check if it’s still having any glitches. If it fixed your Spotify application then this means sometimes the simplest methods can resolve the frustrating problems. If it’s still having glitches, we have more methods waiting for you to try until the ‘one’ works.

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2. Turn Off Low Power Mode Or Battery Saver

This is one of the biggest reasons reported by Spotify users regarding their application glitches. If you have your low-power mode on then you might be facing issues on the Spotify application because of it. Just turn off your low-power mode and restart your Spotify application.

Low power mode reduces your background activity application to save your battery life. Sometimes this can be the issue that’s causing glitches in some applications. You can simply head towards your phone’s settings and turn off ‘low power mode’ or ‘battery saver’.

Low Power Mode

3. Turn Off Data Saver Mode

You must have turned on your data saver mode before. Data saver mode reduces the amount of data that your applications use. This can be beneficial if you want to save your data but might be the reason for the glitches. Spotify has built-in data saver mode. You can easily disable it by following the steps below.

Step 1: Launch your Spotify application and click on the gear icon to open your settings.

Step 2: After opening your setting, you will see an option of ‘Data Saver’. Simply click on it.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing

Step 3: Just disable your data saver by clicking on it once.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing Data Saver

After that shut down your Spotify application and restart it. Hopefully, your pausing issue will be resolved.

4. Restart Your Device

If you are still facing Spotify pausing issues then you can try to restart your device. Sometimes because of lagging or overheating of your device, you might face glitches on multiple applications.

If you restart your device it will probably solve any underlying software issues that you have been facing. You can even switch off your mobile device for a few minutes before turning it on and using Spotify again.

Spotify Restart

5. Check Your Internet Connection 

A poor internet connection can be a reason that your Spotify application isn’t working properly. You might be facing glitches like difficulty in starting, pausing, or skipping any track because of a poor internet connection. Check your internet connection or turn from data to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

If you want to check your internet connection, open your web browser and reload any website. If it’s taking a long time to reload then your internet connection might be the issue of Spotify glitches. Switch to a better internet connection and continue using the Spotify application.

Spotify WiFi

6. Sign Out Of Your Spotify Account From All Devices

Another reason for Spotify glitches could be that another person is using your Spotify account. If two people are using the same Spotify account on two different devices then it can show errors.

If someone else is using your Spotify account and as they press ‘play’ then your Spotify will keep pausing. Simply sign out from all the devices that your Spotify account is connected. Follow the steps below to sign out of your Spotify account from all devices.

Step 1: Log in to your Spotify account on a web browser.

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Step 2: You will see your profile icon on the upper-right corner of your screen after putting in all your credentials. Click on it.

Step 3: After that, click on ‘Account’.

Step 4: Keep scrolling down until you see the option of ‘Sign out everywhere’. Click on it. After confirming it your Spotify account will be signed out from all the other devices.

Then try to launch your Spotify application by inserting your email and password.

7. Update Your Spotify Application 

If you haven’t updated your Spotify application for a pretty long time then glitches happen. Your Spotify keeps pausing because you haven’t kept the application up-to-date. Spotify keeps fixing all the bugs and issues that the users have been facing for a better experience in every update.

If you update your Spotify application it will fix the underlying bugs causing your Spotify to pause. Spotify is making changes to every latest version to improve its functionality. Go to your ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play Store’, and search ‘Spotify’ on the search bar, if you see the update option click on it. After updating launch your application and check if it’s working.

Update Spotify

8. Erase Spotify Cache

A cache is a type of temporary folder that stores all of your data and makes the application load faster. But at times, if it’s overloaded then it might cause issues. In this case, you need to delete or erase your Spotify application cache to make it run smoother again. If your application’s cache is full and you delete it, it might fix your pausing issue. Follow the steps mentioned below to delete/erase your Spotify cache.

Step 1: Launch your Spotify application and navigate to settings.

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Step 2: After opening settings, scroll down until you see the storage option. Click on it.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing Data Saver Mode

Step 3:  You will see two options on your screen ‘Remove all downloads’ and ‘Clear cache’. Click on the clear cache to delete/erase the cache. This will free up your storage and make your Spotify application run smoother. If you are worried about your downloads then rest assured, your downloads won’t be removed.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing Low Power

9. Close Other Applications

If you have multiple applications or tabs open on your mobile device then the Spotify pausing issue can happen. To resolve the issue, simply close all the applications or tabs including the one that’s playing sound in the background. After that re-launch your Spotify application and play your music again. Now your track will hopefully not pause.

10. Uninstall & Re-Install The Spotify Application 

The last thing that you can do is to uninstall your Spotify application and re-install it. Maybe some issues can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling your application. And sometimes reinstalling your application might fix the issue. Use this method as the last resort if you tried everything and nothing worked for you.

If you reinstall Spotify it will give your application a fresh start and will be up to the latest version. We hope this will finally resolve your pause issue.


Hopefully one of the above-mentioned methods worked to make your application start working again. Spotify is one of the best music streaming applications out there. But just like other applications, it can also cause a few issues.

If you have any more issues, you can drop them in the comment section below. And if any methods worked for you, feel free to share your experience with us. What do you think about these methods? Stay tuned with us for more information.

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