Spotify HiFi: Everything You Need To Know

If you also believe that sound quality is essential while listening to music, then you will be excited to know about Spotify HiFi. Spotify is widely known for its extraordinary collection of music while offering free or affordable plans to its listeners. This music platform drops hot new singles all the time by famous artists.

There are millions of fresh artists from all over the world presenting us with new beats. Spotify HiFi has been in talks for years now. This new feature promises to provide the best quality music to listeners that choose to upgrade their plan. This feature is specifically for Premium members of the music platform.

Even though Spotify HiFi is still not out in the market, there have been some latest updates on it. If you are planning to have the best listening experience then here’s everything we know about the release and other developments of Spotify HiFi.

Spotify HiFi Release Date

What Is Spotify HiFi?

If you don’t know about Spotify HiFi, then let us explain it in detail. Spotify mentioned before that high-quality music streaming is highly demanded by users. With excellent audio quality, HiFi streaming aims to increase the overall listening experience for music enthusiasts.

Spotify HiFi has planned to deliver music to users in CD quality. CD quality means that the users will be able to listen to their favorite music with 16-bit depth and a 44.1kHz sampling rate.

The users will be able to experience the depth and clarity of the music just like their artists want them to! Spotify also worked with the world’s biggest and best speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi accessible and better for its users. Spotify HiFi is designed to work with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and compatible speakers or audio systems.

In February 2021, Spotify said ‘Spotify HiFi will begin rolling out in select markets later this year, and we will have more details to share soon.’

Spotify HiFi Release Date

The official date of the launch of Spotify lossless audio is still kept under wraps! Spotify announced to release of this new lossless music tier in 2021 by noting ‘beginning later this year.’ But it’s been two years and listeners still haven’t received the most-awaited tier.

According to the report, Spotify HiFi is almost ready to make it to the market for more than a year. But due to certain reasons [we will explain this], the launch has been delayed and held back. Even Spotify employees already have access to Spotify HiFi. Spotify received multiple queries regarding the launch of HiFi. In that scenario, the music streaming platform did answer a bunch of queries.

Spotify said in January 2022, “We know that HiFi quality audio is important to you. We feel the same, and we’re excited to deliver a Spotify HiFi experience to Premium users in the future. But we don’t have timing details to share yet. We will of course update you here when we can.”

The employees of Spotify can take advantage of the entire catalog in premium quality. Can you imagine? All we know is that we will probably get to see the launch at some point.

Spotify Lossless Tier

What’s The Reason Behind Spotify HiFi’s Constant Delay?

The initial launch of Spotify HiFi was mainly delayed because of Apple’s new launch of its version of a lossless music streaming service. Apple included lossless audio with Apple Music for free. The Spotify HiFi was intended to cost more than the standard plan available. Having it for free at Apple Music kind of ruined Spotify’s initial plan of lossless tier costing.

Due to Apple’s approach, they probably had to put a halt on the launch of Spotify HiFi. Spotify is now looking for a ‘unique’ way to launch the new tier to the market. There’s another reason. In February 2022, Spotify CEO Daniel Ed noted something about the ‘licensing’ issue.

“So I’ll start with the question and then Paul can speak to the guidance. So yes, I mean, many of the features that we talk about and especially that’s related to music ends up into licensing. I can’t really announce any specifics on this other than to say that we’re in constant dialogue with our partners to bring this to market.”

This clearly explains that there might be some licensing issues with music labels and artists.

Co-President Of Spotify Shed Light On The Launch Of Spotify HiFi

Rest assured, we will mostly get to experience lossless audio quality on Spotify. The co-president Gustav Söderström recently talked about the delay of Spotify HiFi in the market. He also mentioned that Spotify HiFi will come soon. But currently, there are a bunch of reasons.

“We announced it, but then the industry changed for a bunch of reasons. We are going to do it, but we’re going to do it in a way where it makes sense for us and our listeners. The industry changed and we had to adapt.” By the ‘industry changed’ he probably means the launch of Apple and Amazon’s lossless audio for free.

He also stated that they plan on releasing it in such a way that it benefits them financially too. “We want to do it in a way where it works for us from a cost perspective as well. I’m not allowed to comment on our label agreements, nor on what other players in the industry did, for obvious reasons.”

Gustav Söderström was asked to offer a precise date for the launch of Spotify HiFi. But unfortunately, he said that Spotify HiFi is coming, but there’s no precise timeframe to confirm.

Spotify HiFi Cost

Spotify HiFi Price & Free Trial Details

You might be wondering if Spotify HiFi is finally launched, will users get a free trial? Now the music streaming platform didn’t make any official announcements on the cost of this new service or free trial.

But Spotify did state that “Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi.” This probably means that Spotify HiFi will be likely on the cards included as an add-on for premium users.

Spotify offers a free trial for its new premium users and if Spotify lossless audio is an add-on then we might be able to take advantage of it through a free trial. There are also rumors that there could even be a new premium plan for the users for a hefty fee. The new plan might cost $19.99 per month, or probably double the Individual plan of $9.99 per month. Now that’s just a rumor at the moment.



1. What Is Spotify HiFi Platinum Plan Release Date?

Spotify HiFi Platinum plan is almost ready to make it to the market for more than a year. The release date is still kept under wraps. There are a few held backs due to various reasons. But it’s expected to release soon.

2. How To Get Spotify HiFi?

Spotify Hifi is not yet in the market. But if it’s officially released it will mostly be an add-on to a new premium plan. The prices of this plan will differ and will likely be high.

3. Is Spotify HiFi Lossless?

Yes, the new awaited feature will deliver music to users on CD, lossless quality. Spotify HiFi in lossless quality means there will be no loss of quality. Even the little details of the music will be heard perfectly just like the artist wants.


We know how you feel regarding the lack of details on the launch of Spotify HiFi. The costings and release date are still unknown for the users. But we will probably hear new details from the company itself soon.

If you want to be up-to-date regarding the release date of Spotify HiFi, then feel free to keep in touch with us. What do you think about Spotify HiFi? You can drop your opinions and speculations in the comment section below!

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