Spotify Find Your Flow: What is it & How it Works?

Your flow is unique, just like you! Spotify came up with a new additional feature for its users. Latin music is getting popular lately. With that, ‘Spotify Find Your Flow’ is just adding up to the excitement of the listeners. The music streaming platform came up with a brand-new and unique experience for the listeners.

Spotify find your flow is a new feature that will curate a personalized playlist that’s based on your preference. How amazing is that? It’s like having an expert that knows everything about your music taste. Spotify always comes up with something to keep the listeners engaged.

Now with the exciting launch of Spotify find your flow, things are getting more intriguing for the listeners. If you have doubts regarding this new feature on Spotify, then rest assured. We have covered everything from what this new feature is to how to use it! Now no one can stop you from finding your flow!


What Is Spotify Find Your Flow? 

To begin understanding how to use this new feature, let us first explain what it is. Spotify discover your flow provides users with customized and personalized playlists that reflect their listening habits, artists, or even mood. According to Spotify, the popularity of Latin urbano music has risen by about 170% in the last five years, particularly among Generation Z.

Descubre Tu Flow is another name for Spotify Find Your Flow. The music platform celebrates and acknowledges the various genres and musical styles associated with Latin music. This new in-app experience will help the users find which Latin music styles define them perfectly.

After getting your results you can even share it with your friends online to flaunt your music preferences. Sounds fun, right? Wait till you get your results of the Spotify flow test!

Discover Your Flow

What Are 8 Different Personas Of Spotify Find Your Flow?

There are 8 possible identities or you can say personas that will define your unique flow. You might be wondering how to understand the meaning behind different personas. Well, lucky for you here are the types of personas with meanings. The eight different personas are:

  • Bichota: You are a force of dance. You are empowered and fully embracing it as your way of life, not just a passing trend. You can always hit the dance floor to enjoy your precious life!
  • Perreadorx: You are someone who is adventurous and enjoys partying. There’s a party nearby? You’re down for it! The nighttime holds a special place for you. You are the one that lights up the party.
  • Leyenda: You are the soul of the party! You’re always ready to play your anthems at the party. You have a thing for timeless classics, and when it comes to Perreo, you kick-start the groove with the iconic beats of ‘Gasolina.’
  • Romantic: You dedicate songs to people. Dedicating a song for you is writing a heartfelt poem. Poetic words bring out your romantic side. As a passionate romantic, every song has the power to soften your heart.
  • Pegao: You’re the one that has every little detail on the trends and dances. You’re a social media butterfly and your content goes viral. You never miss a beat. You stay consistently up-to-date with what’s cool. What’s your passion? It’s singing with the flow!
  • Bellacx: You’re someone that has gained knowledge on the best beats through your surrounding. Your neighborhood was a hotspot for the finest beats that fueled your dancing, twerking, and rhyming skills.
  • Tóxico: Either it’s breakups, jealousy, or infidelity, you need a beat for every aspect of your relationship. Your romantic journey is like a captivating soundtrack, where music has the power to define your romantic life.
  • Rookie: While your flow may not be urban, when you fill it with heartfelt passion, you have the skill to get a party going.

Spotify Personas

How Does Spotify Find Your Flow Work?

Let’s find your perfect rhythm. Spotify will analyze your preferences based on three questions. After analyzing they will give you a precise result of which genre of Latin music perfectly defines you. Whatever you choose on the three questions asked, Spotify will combine it with your listening habits to find your flow. Here’s how you can discover your flow:

Step 1: The first step is to visit the official site of Descubre tu flow.

Spotify Find Your Flow

Step 2: Spotify will ask you to answer three short questions to analyze your preference.

Spotify Find Your Flow Personas

Step 3: Then combining your listening habits, Spotify will suggest you a mix of percentages of 8 different personas.

Spotify Find Your Flow Analyze

Step 4: After that Spotify will share a personalized playlist that’s based on your personas.

Step 5. Lastly, you can share your flow cards and post your personality on social media.

Find Your Flow


1. What’s Find Your Flow Spotify Quiz?

Find your flow Spotify quiz is a new engaging feature that the music platform came up with to celebrate and acknowledge Latin urbano music. Spotify asks three questions to the users and analyzes the results to find their unique flow.

2. How Do I See My Flow On Spotify?

You have to head over to the official website and answer the three-question prompt. After that, by combining with your listening habits Spotify will offer you with unique percentage mix of eight personas.


This new feature is perfect to find a personalized playlist that’s specially curated for you. Finding your music style will help you in finding your musical soul with a new experience. Spotify find your flow is doing wonders with different unique playlists for its users.

What are you waiting for? Find your groove and hit that dance floor today! If you try this new feature don’t forget to share your personas with us in the comment section below. We can’t wait to see what you will get!

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