What Is Spotify’s Eat This Playlist?

Spotify’s Eat This Playlist feature is getting popular lately. The music streaming platform came up with an engaging snake on Spotify. You might be wondering, what? Spotify Eat This Playlist is a new game introduced by the music streaming service that enables the participant to eat as many playlists as possible.

If you played the classic snake game before, it’s not at all challenging to understand. Just like the snake game, this new feature just replaces playlists to consume! Spotify eat this playlist game is available within the application to play.

This nostalgic game is bringing a lot of memories from childhood as per users. If you want to know everything about this new snake game on Spotify, then let’s get down to the details!

Eat This Playlist Spotify

What Is Spotify Eat This Playlist Game?

Eat this playlist Spotify meaning is a new version of the snake game. There’s a new feature on Spotify that will allow you to play by eating tracks. This feature is just like the nostalgic snake game. You must consume as many playlists as you can to ace the game.

The challenge is that you can’t hit your own body or the borders, or else you will lose! As many playlists you consume, you will be more large making it more challenging to win. If the playlist snake eats the parts of itself during the game, it will start getting smaller in size and eventually you lose. Many users are finding this game exciting.

It brings back a lot of memories with a touch of Spotify. If you hit your own body & borders three times in total you will shrink and lose. Rest assured, if you lose there are more chances. If you tap on ‘Try Again’, the game will restart from the beginning. You can even challenge your friends if you’re good at playing this game.

Eat This Playlist Spotify Game

How To Get ‘Eat This Playlist’ Spotify Feature?

Planning to challenge your friends? Here’s how you can participate in this new Spotify eat this playlist game! Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: First you need to check if there’s any new update on Spotify. Then, open the updated Spotify version on your device.

Eat This Playlist Feature

Step 2: Click ‘Your Library’ and open any playlist.

Step 3: Can you see three dots? Simply tap on it.

Eat This Playlist Spotify Feature

Step 4: Scroll down and you will find an option of ‘Eat This Playlist’. Tap on it.

Eat This Playlist Feature Spotify

Step 5: Tracks from your playlist will start playing. Make sure the playlist you select has at least 20+ songs! The feature won’t work if you have an insufficient number of songs available in your playlist. The more tracks, the more fun!

Voila! Now you can play the game. The exciting part is that whatever music your snake consumes will play in the background along with changed colors. With this users are getting more engaged.

If you don’t have a personalized playlist, you can select any playlist from Spotify. Whatever playlist you select make sure it has a sufficient number of tracks to make it fun.


1. What To Do If Eat This Playlist Not Showing Up?

The new feature ‘Eat This Playlist’ is available only after updating the Spotify application to the latest version. If eat this playlist feature is not showing up on your device then look for the latest update. Once you update Spotify, restart your application to see if you could find the feature.

2. How To Get Eat This Playlist Spotify On Android?

You can get this feature on Android by heading towards the app, selecting any particular playlist, clicking on three dots, and tapping on the ‘Eat this Playlist’ option!

3. What Is Eat This Playlist Meaning?

Eat this Playlist is a new Spotify feature that is similar to the classic snake game. The name refers to the game’s feature of consuming Spotify tracks instead of apples or food. The player eats the playlists to win the game and get larger!


As many playlists you eat, your snake gets bigger making it more interesting! If you missed playing the classic snake game, then Spotify’s eat this playlist feature is an engaging touch of music. You can share your experience with this new feature in the comment section below.

If you’re having problems in playing this game like glitches or something, restart your application. If this new feature is not showing up in your device even after the update then try it again after a couple of days. We hope you have a fun time playing.

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