How To Download Songs From Spotify

Spotify is a music and podcast application that gives us access to millions of songs and podcasts for free. But you can listen to it if you have an internet connection. If you are going on a trip or traveling in an airplane you might have problems listening to your favorite songs. In that case, you can simply download the songs. But now the main concern is how to download songs from Spotify.

Well, it’s pretty easy than you think. You can easily download songs on Spotify and listen to them offload without the need for an internet connection. But it comes with a barrier. There are also premium versions of Spotify that you can purchase to have more additional perks. Spotify is unique and popular compared to other music applications.

You can even find your favorite music if you don’t know the name. All you have to do is just type out the lyrics. You can explore top songs and podcasts from all over the world. The best thing about Spotify is that you aren’t limited to mobile phones. You can even listen to music on your laptop, PC, and other devices. Now let’s see how we can download songs from Spotify.

How To Download Songs On Spotify

How To Download Songs From Spotify?

Whether you are on a plane, or out on a trip with no internet connection your favorite calming music will always be with you. But you can only download songs offline if you have Spotify Premium. Spotify Premium allows you to have access to music even offline by just clicking on ‘download’.

If you are looking to purchase a premium plan you can get 1 month of premium benefits for free. Spotify Premium has a lot of benefits like Ad-free music listening, downloading songs, and group sessions. There are different plans available to purchase at your convenience. The plans are Premium Individual, Premium Student, Premium Duo, and Premium Family.

Download Songs On Spotify

1. On Mobile Phone 

Whether you have an Android or iOS, you can follow the steps below to download the song on your mobile device with the premium version.

Step 1: First, launch your Spotify application. You can download the application from App Store or Google Play Store. The application is free to download without any additional charges.

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Your Mobile Phone 

Step 2: After downloading the application on your mobile device, make an account on Spotify or log in to your premium account.

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Your Mobile Device

Step 3: You can see the option of ‘library’ at the bottom-right side. Click on it.

Download Songs From Spotify On Your Mobile Phone 

Step 4: Then select the album or playlist that you want to download and listen to offline.

Step 5. After selecting your favorite album or playlist, you will see a download button logo. Once you tap the download button it will turn green means it’s working.

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Your Mobile

Once your download is complete from the album you will see a green download button on every song that can be listened to offline. Now you can access to your downloaded playlist and albums by clicking on the option of ‘Downloaded’ by going to your ‘Library’.

Spotify Downloaded

If you don’t want to download the whole album of any particular artist you can make your own playlist. Then just simply download the entire playlist.

2. On Laptop/PC

Downloading songs on Spotify is not only limited to mobile phones. You can even download songs on your desktop and listen to music for free. Here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1: First you need to launch the Spotify application and log in to your premium account.

Spotify On Desktop

Step 2: Next you will see an option of ‘library’ at the top-left corner of your screen.

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Your Desktop

Step 3: You can either make your own playlist filled with your favorite music or select any album.

Step 4: After selecting your preferred playlist or album you will see a logo of the ‘download’ button.

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Your Laptop

Step 5: Simply click on it and when it turns green means your whole album or playlist is downloading.

Now you can listen to music in offline mode on your desktop.

Can You Download A Single Song On Spotify?

Few songs are like a comforting track. Sometimes we just want a single song in offline mode. If you couldn’t download a single song on Spotify then you are not alone. The first thing that came to our mind was how can you download a ‘single’ song and not an entire album or playlist on Spotify.

Well, Spotify doesn’t have that kind of feature available at the moment. You need to add your favorite music to a playlist to download and listen to it offline.

Can You Download Songs On Spotify For Free?

We understand that a lot of music listeners have this question if they can download songs on Spotify for absolutely free? Unfortunately, you can stream songs on Spotify for free but you need a premium Spotify subscription to download songs and listen to them offline. But there is a perk.

You can take a Spotify premium subscription and you will get to download and listen to music offline for free for a whole month. Spotify is offering new premium members a free month to take advantage of all the perks it offers.

Spotify even offers a premium student membership at a really cheap cost of $4.99/month. Premium Individual costs $9.99/month, Premium Duo costs $12.99/month and Premiums Family costs $15.99/month.

Here are some perks of Spotify Premium that can change your listening experience:

  • You can download up to 10,000 number of music on a single device. And Spotify allows you to use the premium version on up to 5 devices. That means 50,000 tracks in offline mode. It sounds like a steal deal to us!
  • You can listen to your favorite music break-free.
  • There’s no commitment on any version you select because you can cancel it anytime you want.

Spotify Premium


You are welcome to drop any concerns regarding downloading songs on  Spotify in the comment section below. Let us know if you are planning to take Spotify Premium and if it’s a worthy investment from your preference. We will come back with more content like this in the coming days. And for that, you can stay tuned with us. Have fun listening to your favorite music!

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