11 Best Podcasts On Spotify Right Now | 2023 Edition

Get ready for captivating conversations and thought-provoking insights! Spotify is offering a vast number of podcasts in different categories. Finding an ideal podcast on Spotify that suits your interests and captivate your imagination can be a task. In that sense, we have compiled a rundown of the 11 best podcasts on Spotify.

Here you will find the best podcasts on Spotify from thrilling true crime to stomach-aching comedy. Every podcast is focusing on a specific subject or a bunch of it. We have listened to a bunch of it, and you will probably be hooked too.

These podcasts on Spotify have gained recognition for gripping stories and expertly conducted interviews. The engaging stories will keep you on the edge of your seat craving for more. Let’s jump right into it!

11 Best Podcasts On Spotify

11 Best Podcasts On Spotify To Listen To Right Now

Tune in, press play, and get ready to dive into the realm of audio wonder. These best podcasts on Spotify await to captivate your attention by sharing mind-blowing stories and insights.

1. Heavyweight

Category: Relationships, Comedy, Personal Stories

Rating: 4.9

Length: 30-55 Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 46

What We Like: Jonathan Goldstein hear-felt conversations.

Heavyweight is one of the best podcasts on Spotify because of the engaging content. Heavyweight’s host Jonathan Goldstein helps people to resolve their past that they always wanted to change. He tries to give it a better ending. The podcast features listeners’ heartfelt and painful stories.

Every episode has something different. Heavyweight is currently working on its eighth season. There are several seven seasons available to listen to on Spotify. The personal stories of listeners are revealed. The stories range from mysteries to family feuds. Every story has a kind of depth. Jonathan Goldstein has difficult conversations and thorny reunions with the people.


2. Stuff You Should Know

Category: History & Educational

Rating: 4.8

Length: 20-60 Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 1500+

What We Like: In-depth insight on mind-blowing subjects.

Josh Clark and Charles W. ‘Chuck’ Bryant came up with one of the best educational podcasts on Spotify. The podcast educates listeners on a range of subjects by featuring engaging stories. With being educational, Stuff You Should Know also has a comedic value. The hosts sometimes give engaging popular culture references to add up comedic elements.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know has been downloaded millions of times each month by listeners. This podcast is an ideal way to learn something new. They release a bunch of episodes each week. In each episode, you will get to listen to something new and educational. Stuff You Should Know is also one of the best podcasts on Spotify for students. From satanism to true crime, Josh and Chuck cover everything.

3. Armchair Expert

Category: Comedy & Celebrities

Rating: 4.8

Length: 120 minutes

Number Of Episodes: 381

What We Like: Humorous conversations between Dax Shepard and renowned personalities.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard has around 20 million listeners. It’s also revealed that the podcast has garnered around $9 million in revenue. This podcast ‘celebrates the messiness of being human.’ You will get to catch up on new episodes on Monday & Thursday. Hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman have conversations with multiple celebrities and journalists in each episode.

The podcast features interviews with multiple celebrities like Kristen Bell, Joy Bryant, and more. Dax Shepard tries to discover ‘human truths’ without any clinical trials or data collection. He explores various people’s stories with their setbacks and challenges that ultimately led to growth.

Armchair Expert

4. Reply All

Category: Technology & Society

Rating: 4.3

Length: 25-50 Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 189

What We Like: A Look at the real side of the Internet.

Reply All is hosted by Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi from Gimlet Media. The podcast features multiple stories about how the internet shapes people and how people shape the internet. It also features the exploration of modern life and how to deal with it.

Alex Goldman also tries to solve complex tech support issues that the listeners, friends, or guests encountered. Reply All is one of the best podcasts on Spotify for young adults because of its educational and technological aspects.

Reply All

5. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

Category: Mental Health

Rating: 4.9

Length: 60+ Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 462

What We Like: Jay Shetty’s realistic conversations on self-help.

Looking for the best podcast on Spotify for self-improvement? Jay Shetty has got you covered. On Purpose with Jay Shetty garnered around 64 million downloads times in its first year of launch. The podcast also became the best health podcast on Spotify in the world. Because of his extraordinary work on the podcast, the host Jay Shetty received multiple accolades and recognition.

On Purpose With Jay Shetty

In each episode, Jay Shetty takes on the most insightful and self-help conversations with multiple renowned personalities. He talks about topics like how to create habits for discipline, and what to do if you’re at a crossroads and can’t decide the next step. On Purpose is one of the best motivational podcasts on Spotify to get gain confidence and get your life together.

6. Conspiracy Theories

Category: History & True Crime

Rating: 4.5

Length: 30-45 Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 454

What We Like: Having a unique look at the truth.

Conspiracy Theories is the best crime podcast on Spotify to listen to. The podcast features topics like alien landings to bitcoin takeovers. Whatever you need answers for Conspiracy Theories features it all! The podcast gives another unique look at the truth.

They try to cover the world’s most controversial happenings and possible cover-ups. The podcast also features about Jurassic film franchise, the sinking of MS Estonia, the missing mogul Robert Maxwell, and more compelling stories.

7. The Joe Rogan Experience

Category: Comedy & Society

Rating: 4.8

Length: 1-3+ Hours

Number Of Episodes: 2,000+

What We Like: Watching Joe Rogan dealing with controversial topics.

The Joe Rogan Experience featuring comedian Joe Rogan has around 3.0 billion overall views. Joe Rogan engages in compelling and hilarious conversations with friends and celebrities from all over the world. If you start listening to Joe’s podcast you will laugh out loud! Famous personalities like Elon Musk, Edward Snowden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and more had a conversation with Joe.

Listeners of the podcast have applauded Joe for his advocacy of free speech. Several guests have shared their views on the most controversial issues. Conspiracy theorist Bob Lazar and Joe Rogan talked about the possibility of extraterrestrial life in one of the episodes.

The Joe Rogan Experience

8. Serial

Category: True Crime

Rating: 4.7

Length: 15-65 Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 33

What We Like: Realistic Insight on nonfiction stories by Sarah Koenig.

We have an ideal and best true crime podcast on Spotify for you. Serial features multiple heart-wrenching and surprising true crime stories. Serial is an investigative journalism podcast. Host Sarah Koenig narrates and talks gripping crime stories. She talks about multiple real-life cases and features their exploration on them.

There are a bunch of crime series too featuring an in-depth look at what happened. The podcast has won multiple accolades for innovative telling. The first two episodes of Serial were downloaded around 340 million times in 2018.


9. Call Her Daddy

Category: Relationships

Rating: 4.3

Length: 25-60+ Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 254

What We Like: Alex Cooper and her guests offer straightforward advice to listeners.

If you’re looking for the best podcast on Spotify for women, then Call Her Daddy is an ideal one. Call Her Daddy is a comedy and advice podcast. This podcast features Alex Cooper offering the answers to questions that listeners always wanted to hear. Alex cuts through small talks and gets on point with guests on various topics.

Call Her Daddy

Whether you’re in a relationship or not this podcast is for everyone! The podcast is a blend of advice and hilarious stories keeping the listeners hooked. Alex Cooper and her guests make this podcast approachable even through the most embarrassing moments.

The host is mainly focusing on mental health and women’s rights. Cooper’s goal is to share advice and support women that are listening. Because of the engaging concept this podcast became the most popular podcast on Spotify in 2020.

10. My Favorite Murder

Category: True Crime & Comedy

Rating: 4.8

Length: 25-60+ Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 358

What We Like: The true crime story with a comedic aspect.

My Favorite Murder is an ideal true-crime podcast on Spotify featuring Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The two shares their favorite murder stories. They also hear thrilling true hometown crime stories of friends and listeners.

The crime stories will keep you engaged. But along with gripping crime stories the host also offers a comedy value. The host selects a particular story to discuss together and unveil the happenings. It mainly features one host telling a true crime story and another one reacting to the event.

My Favorite Murder

11. Jemele Hill Is Unbothered

Category: Society

Rating: 4.7

Length: 60+ Minutes

Number Of Episodes: 237+

What We Like: Jemele Hill’s unbothered opinions and compelling conversations with guests.

In Jemele Hill Is Unbothered, the Emmy award-winning journalist and Webby award winner personality Jemele talks about various topics. She offers her unbothered opinions on pop culture, politics, and sports. Jemele also conducts interviews with renowned personalities and talks about various topics. Hill said that her podcast “covers those tricky intersections: race, gender, politics.”

You can catch up on new episodes every Monday. Each episode features a famous and successful personality tackling and giving their unbothered opinions on various issues. For example model and philanthropist Sabrina Elba discuss her marriage with Idris Elba.

Jemele Hill is Unbothered


1. Which Is The Best Podcast On Spotify?

According to multiple listeners, one of the best podcasts on Spotify is Heavyweight featuring Jonathan Goldstein as the host. The podcast features the heartfelt stories of listeners.

2. Which Is The Best Motivational Podcasts On Spotify?

The best motivational podcast on Spotify is without doubt ‘On Purpose With Jay Shetty’. This podcast tackles multiple challenges and serves as the foundation of confidence for the listeners.

3. What Are The Best True Crime Podcasts On Spotify?

Serial is one of the best true crime podcasts on Spotify featuring shocking nonfiction stories. This podcast has won multiple accolades and gained recognition for compelling narratives.


Whatever podcast you choose from the recommendations above, you will have the best time possible. Whether you’re traveling or looking for an escape from reality, these best podcasts on Spotify will change the way you think. If you have more recommendations on any podcast genre like crime, self-help, and more then feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We hope you have a great time listening!

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